Spring Draft Tournament 2023 Announced

Newcomers Tournament Results 

With the Newcomers Tournament 2023 over we would like to congratulate Gog Squad for winning the finals, thank you to everyone who participated and watched the event, we hope everyone had a good first experience in the competitive scene.

And now it is time to announce the next event, the Spring Draft Tournament!


Spring Draft Tournament 2023:

The Spring Draft Tournament is a light hearted event made for you to hone your skills and prepare for future events such as an Open Tournament, It is comprised of 3 stages:

The Drafting Stage where players will sign up and volunteer captains will choose their teammates from the player pool (only captains have to be present).

The Group Stage where each team will fight the rest of the teams within the group in order to ascend to the last stage.

The Finals where two teams will battle it out, the winner will be crowned the Spring Draft Champion!


Date & Time:

The Spring Draft Tournament will be run on the weekend, Friday the 28th of April, each captain picks players for his team , Saturday the 29th of April, each team fights in the group stage, and Sunday the 30th of April, the Finals.
All three of the stages will occur at 4PM GMT / 4PM UTC / 9AM PT / 6PM CET / 12PM ET



The Spring Draft Tournament is open to all!


A full list of the rules can be found Here.



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