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Season 17

Friday 30 October 2020
20:00 CET

Predictions (0)

Saltier Skulks
@_@ RYTP @_@

Match Report

Crazycat was denied as a merc by Salty Skulks. The reasoning for this was that he was replacing "sssssssssssss" who is of lower skill. "sssssssssssss" was also present on the server.

There was not enough reasonable doubt to disallow the deny.



Blank Blensidi | Gorges Gone Wild

Would like to play at 19 CET, which day is still to be determined. MEanwhile you can offer on which days you can play?

29 October 2020, 00:06


Blank GreenRex | Spikes n Swipes

The only day we can do 7pm(-11pm) CET is Sunday. Else we can only do Saturday after that from 8pm-12am CET

29 October 2020, 05:32


Blank Blensidi | Gorges Gone Wild

We would like to play on this Sunday at 19 CET pls

30 October 2020, 20:11


Blank GreenRex | Spikes n Swipes

Confirmed Sunday 19CET.

30 October 2020, 20:47


Blank DCDarkling

Calendar is updated. I will give the refs/casters a poke to see if we have anyone.

30 October 2020, 21:30

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